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A short story written and performed as a audiobook
by Kijana Wiseman, M.Ed.

Boima and Bendu, a set of Liberian twins living in Kakata, Liberia, have go to  the marketplace in Monrovia, in search of something to buy.  They have decided that after all those months of labor, it must be "Something special, something different—a special something!"

At the Marketplace, they see many things but continue looking for something really really special. Though they find and buy the “Special Something” it isn’t until they are tempted to sell it that they really acquire the real gift --a special life lesson on integrity.

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The Special Something

© 2007  
Kijana Wiseman,  
All Rights Reserved.

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JULY 2020:

"No Mi'Yah" 
“---or all the times I almost died.”

Chronicles of an African-American Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia..
Written & read by Kijana Wiseman, M.Ed.    

This audio drama, with music and sound effects,  begins to tell the story of  23 year old Kijana Wiseman, as she moved to Liberia West Africa to live as a Peace Corps Volunteer and Master Degree candidate.

(Announcer: Aundra S. Fusilier)

Chapter 7 through 10:


Chapter 7:   00:21   Patience

Chapter 8:   06:27   Drugs

Chapter 9:   14.53   Dance With Me!

Chapter 10:  28.20   Prince Charming

CHAPTERS 1 through 6


Chapter 1:   00:35     Freedom! 

Chapter 2:   07:16     Lisboa

Chapter 3:   20:01     Madrid

Chapter 4:   26:01     Footprints

Chapter 5:   35:09     The Taxi

Chapter 6:   49:16     The Dress

© 2020  Kijana Wiseman,  All Rights Reserved.

Bookings & more info:   713-521-0900