A unique international presenter ...eclectic and entertaining.

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“So, What RU Doin’ Bout the Rest of Yr Life?”...
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A one woman show with music, characterizations

comedy and costume changes:

Kijana Wiseman, M.Ed as

The Griot


Kijana Wiseman, is a master degreed internationally edutainer who,  as THE GRIOT, uses music, comedy, costume changes, stories and characterizations to  unify people––then makes us laugh!

   Kijana Wiseman, is a master degreed teacher-cum-entertainer.  As THE GRIOT, she uses her "edutainment" skills, music, comedy, costume changes, stories, characterizations and audience participation to joyously unify people––then molds them with tears and laughter.

     A lyric coloratura with a 3.5 octave range, Kijana Wiseman, M. Ed., has lived and performed on the American, African and European continents.  As "The Griot", she astonishes–shifting genres as easily as her slides and on-stage costume changes.  Inviting her multi-cultural audience to join her on a time trip to the dawn of music, she first makes them one people--again ("just with many paint jobs!"), then teaches them a South African "click" song for a wedding they'll be attending.  The story progresses as she becomes a slave, gospel choir director, toddler, striptease artist, opera and jazz singer--demonstrating how music unifies mankind. 

     Audiences participate as her "Griot Chorus" and learn much more than music.   High points of the show occur also when Kijana  does a blues version of  "Summertime" or struts her stuff while performing vaudeville's "I Can't Do Without My Kitchen Man." She uses "You Got the Right Key, but the Wrong Keyhole" to encourage lifetime commitments then gives away  money near the end while singing "God Bless the Child."  Many colleges and universities offer Fine Arts, Humanities or Social Studies lecture credits to students who attend her "Griot" programs.

     "Each show is different..." says Kijana, "...and I adjust the level of the performance to match the ages and races comprising my audience.  ...I like playing with people, so the Griot is full of audience participation. My job is musically and comically stir the cultural multi-mix of my 'class'--allow them to taste the muti-cultural flavors of America with me... not just watch and applaud. 

     “I was once in the midwest at a school that had a huge exchange student program with Japan.  At lunch I noticed how isolated the Japanese students were, so when I did my show that night, near the end of the program, I included a song--”Sukiyaki” that I sang in english and--to everyone’s surprise--Japanese.  Afterwards the stage was swamped by the young exchange students, some with tears in their eyes at being included in a cultural program so far away from home.  My brand of diversity is inclusive!”

     Kijana lived in West Africa for 6 years where she was a former Peace Corps volunteer.  While there, she hosted "Under the Palm Tree," an entertainment TV show, was assistant director of the National Liberian Cultural Troupe;  drama coach of the American School and sang background vocals for  Hugh Masakela and Mariam Makeba.  She has performed with the Conrad Johnson Big Band, The Drifters, the Houston Symphony Chorus, Houston Masterworks Chorus, Orquetra Filarmonica de la Universidad Nationale in Mexico City, and  SssteaMoga in West Africa.  This first place winner of City of Houston Talent Competition, was also named the Association for the Promotion Campus of Activities "2002 Performing Artist of the Year" and "Best College Diversity Program" for 2001 and 2002.  For tour schedules and mo' info, visit or

THE CHILDREN'S GRIOT program is an edited 45 minute version of the full program with its own songsheet for .  

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